Christian Law Enforcement Summit

209 Pepper Ridge Circle
Antioch, TN 37013
United States of America


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Who are we? We are certified law enforcement officers who come from rural America and the smallest cities and the largest of metropolises. We serve on municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies; we work in all areas and levels of the law enforcement spectrum. In a profession that is dedicated to protecting and serving a world that is falling apart around us, we strive to provide a place of peace and solace where law enforcement families can find relaxation, peace, rest and reclaim their purpose in an environment of relative safety and security. We seek to counter the intimidating statistics of divorce, depression, dissension, PTSD and suicide that seem to plague our law enforcement families. We are listening ears; we share our lives and care enough to reach out to other law enforcement families and help them build healthier marital, familial and departmental relationships drawing on our own experiences, trials and our own walk with God. We confront the issues that adversely impact the modern law enforcement family head on and seek to find real solutions to real concerns. The most harmful threats to the law enforcement family often stem from problems which are not always apparent and even less frequently addressed. We are willing to discuss the unique behaviors, attitudes, temptations, risks and challenges that place the law enforcement officer and their family in peril and provide and explain some practices and measures which we have found to be effective in our own lives in reducing the risks or reconciling similar issues. It is from these personal experiences that we have learned our greatest lessons in life. Therefore, only experienced law enforcement officers, law enforcement spouses and experienced and certified law enforcement chaplains facilitate our peer-to-peer discussions in roundtable sessions. Our peer-to-peer discussion sessions are the only sessions held segregated by status (Sworn, Spouse or Youth) providing each law enforcement officer or spouse an opportunity to voice individual or family concerns or to share some personal experience that others may benefit from in an empathetic and confidential environment. These sessions are designed to help the participants realize that they are not the only person or family experiencing such heart rendering personal or marriage issues. Children are provided programs that teach them to more effectively cope with the pressures of being a "cop's kid". Nursery and pre-school programs are available also. "Breakout" sessions on subjects such as post traumatic stress disorder, law-enforcement-church relationships, leadership, managing family & critical incident stress and financial planning are just a sampling of topics presented at our conferences. Each day culminates with an opportunity for a fireside fellowship complete with snacks, laughs and a chance to forge the new friendships you are sure to make during your stay. Who are we? We are the Christian Law Enforcement Family Mission Team. Please join us at our next Christian Law Enforcement Summit, Ridgecrest NC.