ZARGES BatterySafe™

ZARGES BatterySafe™ from ZARGES USA

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The ZARGES BatterySafe™ is for the safe packaging and transport of lithium ion batteries. The ZARGES solution is comprised of an aluminum case with a custom CIRRUX lining, which contains an intumescent fiberglass material that suppresses ignition and extinguishes flames. The BatterySafe™ offers all the available features of the standard ZARGES K470 cases, including secure latches, stacking corners, three fully-welded aluminum profile frames, and easy loading and unloading. The cases are appropriate for a variety of uses including for defense contractors standardizing battery management, vehicle battery development, medical equipment, first responders, and drones.

ZARGES BatterySafe™ cases have been successfully tested with up to three batteries, each measuring 500 Wh. The test proved that the case suppressed ignition, extinguished flames and reduced thermal transfer, keeping exterior temperatures under 100° C and neighboring batteries intact.

U.N. Certification is available on select cases for domestic and international shipping, including UN3090, UN3091, UN3840 and UN3841.
• Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
• Custom Configurations for Higher Wh Batteries
• Passed Fire Test with Three 500 Wh Lithium Batteries:
• Fire completely contained and filtered
• No thermal runaway, ajacent cells protected
• Exterior temperature remains below 100°C


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